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Capture2There’s so much to see and do in Phuket that one trip is never enough for most people. The city is like a dream. You could enjoy almost anything here: some fabulous entertainment shows, go out on island hopping adventures, experience white-water rafting, elephant trekking, enjoy sea kayaking trips, or learn to do some diving by taking a PADI certified course.

Here Are the Top 8 Phuket Tour Options:

1. Day trip to Phi Phi Island – This is a hot favourite for almost everyone who comes to Phuket. Phi Phi or PP is among the most beautiful islands in the world and a trip here is sure to thrill you. Leave your hotel in the morning and go to the islands of Phi Phi Ley and Phi Phi Don. Spend your time at Maya Bay and enjoy a gorgeous lunch at Ao Ton Sai.

2. Phang Nga Bay tour – This is a lovely 9 hour day tour that takes you cruising through the serene waters of the Phang Nga Bay. You can go on a speed boat or you can take the traditional Chinese junk. Visit the James Bond Island, watch the incredible limestone formations and see the Sea Gypsy village.

3. Similan Islands – Just 90 minutes from Phuket is a group of 9 islands that are all densely forested. They are the Similan Islands. Once, these islands were popular among just the divers, but now, a lot of others go there too for snorkelling and to enjoy the incredible beauty of the beaches.

4. FantaSea Show – This is a must if you are travelling with family. See Las Vegas style theatrical performance, play games, learn about the myths and mysteries of Thailand, and there’s a lot of shopping to be done too. There’s a grand buffet of international and Thai cuisines as well.

5. Phuket nightlife – Phuket nightlife includes much more than just the FantaSea Show. There’s the Simon Cabaret where you could see ladyboys in action. This is a spectacular musical show. Don’t end your Phuket tour without some Thai boxing. It’s a fascinating experience.

6. Sea Kayaking – There are some beautiful caves around Phuket that are known as “hongs”. These hongs have a narrow and low entrance that opens up inside. You can get on board a small canoe or kayak and cruise through the waters at hide tide to enter the pristine bay inside. This is a once in a lifetime experience.

7. Wat Chalong and Phuket temples – Among the most popular temples in Phuket is the Wat Chalong. People from all over Thailand and other parts of the world come to this temple for its beautiful pagodas and thousands of reflections on tiny glass pieces. There are some other important temples in Phuket as well like the Big Buddha and the Chinese shrines.

8. Thai boxing – If you are in Thailand, you must catch some Thai boxing action. It can be a lot of fun. Phuket is one of the best places for Thai boxing. Go to the Saphan Hin Stadium where martial-arts experts compete in boxing matches regularly. Or you can also catch the action in Patong Beach.

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Phuket is known as the largest island located in Thailand. It’s the place that comprises of many wonderful beaches. Here you can look for some of the verdant coconut trees and some sparkling lagoons that are creating a verdant background. This is the exact reason why so many people across the globe preferring tour. People coming here want to spend a good time with their family or friends on the sea beach or at the lagoon. However, is also having some other good option for you that can add more values for your tour. Here you find that every beach is unique and every creek can bring you different type of charm. If you are on to your tour, then don’t forget to look for the sunset here. This is simply marvelous. Watching the sun going below the horizon and having some fun at the wonderful beaches of can offer you more pleasure.

Phuket is the place that is home for shimmering temples and here you can also look for the colonial mansions. is also getting the popularity because of its golf course. If you want to spend your time by opting for certain fun filled activities during your tour, then scuba diving seems to be the best option for you. People that are having more inclination for golf and want to try their hands with the club and ball at one of the stupendous gulf course, then Phuket can fulfill all your desires in this regard. Phuket tour often comprises of excursions and adventurous activities. Visitors coming to this part of the world can take part in such activities to add more fun with their Phuket tour.

Several small islands surround nd these are the best places to move during your excursions. If you are opting for a traveling agency then make sure that you will have the chance to opt for these small islands during your Phuket tour. It’s the Phang Nga Bay where you can look for the speed boating facility. Speed boating is one of the major highlights of Phuket tour. Phang Nga bay has been determined as one of the best bay in the world and its reputation seems to be building up day by day due to the availability of speedboats.

People that are golf fans and now deciding to move for the can look for some of the outstanding golf course present at Phuket. If you are keener for the game like golf, then can become your ultimate destination that will supply you fun and adventure at a single attempt. There are four major and wonderful golf courses here that can make you even crazier about the game. These golf clubs are:

o Country Club, this is the first one and still remained as the top golf course on the island of
o The Blue Canyon Club, this is the home for former Johnny Walker Classic
o Laguna Phuket Golf Club, which is located right beside the Bangtao Bay
o Mission Hills Golf Club

There is also several fun filled activities that you can opt for once your moved on your Phuket tour. This is the right place on earth as far as touring is concerned. There are many things to explore and you can look for some of the outstanding scenes. Mother Nature seems to be more inclined towards this island, as Phuket is receiving more number of tourists each year due to its sightseeing and other adventurous activities.

We provide you with the most memorable travel experience on, Phuket tour and phuket tours.

Phuket Beaches – An Overview-02


Phuket visitors and residents enjoy some of the best beaches in south-east Asia, with no shortage of choices. From the quiet long strips of sand in the north, through the hubbub of Patong to the idyllic Nai Harn Beach to the south, there’s something for everyone, to suit every taste and requirement: Phuket has long beaches and tiny coves, crowded beaches and quiet beaches, beaches ringed with hotels, shops and bars, and beaches with nothing more than a single restaurant.

Phuket’s best beaches are along the western coast of the island, where over the eons the annual rainy season waves has created beautiful bays with golden powdery sand. Along the east coasts are less idyllic beaches more suited to walking, shell collecting or relaxing in a restaurant, enjoying the view.

We have divided the beaches of Phuket into three main areas: the busy western beaches, the strips of beaches in the north-west, and the idyllic beaches in the south.

Here though, we give more information about Phuket beaches: Phuket beach access, sun loungers, water sports, some of the slight dangers on Phuket beaches, and some of the trees you’re likely to see.

Phuket beach access

All beaches in Thailand are public. Unfortunately, in some cases developers buy all the land around the beach and do not allow access across their land to the beach, effectively making the beach exclusive to their own hotel. If you want to visit these beaches then you can try entering through the hotel, if they’ll let you in. Often they will not challenge you, and the worst that can happen is they refuse you entry. If you’re particularly separate to visit a beach inaccessible by land, you can access the beach by boat, and legally nobody can stop you doing so.

Sun loungers

Most of the beaches on Phuket beaches have sun loungers for rent. At the busy beaches such as Patong, Karon and Kata, they occupy the entire length of the beach, sometimes in rows three or four deep in the high season. At the quieter beaches they are more spread out. There are a handful of beaches that do not have sun loungers.

The sun lounger rental for the day is generally 100 baht per lounger, with a table and large umbrella between if you rent two. Once you’ve paid for your sun lounger, it yours for the day unless you leave and take your belongings with you. The sun lounger staff are usually pretty good at keeping an eye on bags etc while their customers are in the sea.

They usually come with a foam mattress which you’ll need to put a towel onto. Since the tsunami, most sun loungers are generally made of plastic. While not as environmentally aware as the old wooden loungers, they’re a lot safer should the worst ever happen again.

There is usually someone nearby eager to sell refreshments such as water, beer and soft drinks, at reasonable prices. If you become a regular beach visitor, you will probably find a area you like and make it your beach spot.

Water sports

There are a variety of water sports available on Phuket beaches. The busier beaches offer banana boats, parasails and jet-skis. These beaches usually have cordoned-off sections where bathers can swim safely. You will pay from 500 to 1000 baht for these activities. The prices tend to be un-negotiable. Should you rent a jet-ski, check it carefully for damage before you take it out, as unreasonable demands for ‘damage’ are not unknown, followed by some very uncomfortable situations.

Some of the quieter beaches have kayaks for rent so you can go and explore around the headlands.


The waters around Phuket are generally very safe but we would suggest a few words of warning:

Rip Tides:

The biggest danger while bathing in the waters around Phuket is getting caught in a rip tide. Phuket averages around 20 drownings a year, which almost all happen during the rainy season when the waves are large and the red flags have been ignored. If there are red flags flying at the beach this indicates potentially dangerous conditions and you should absolutely not swim.

Rip tides occur when the water that the waves push into the beach funnels together and channels back out to sea. This can create a very strong drag that can pull even the strongest swimmers out to sea. If you are caught in a rip tide you should not try to swim against the current; you will just exhaust yourself. Remember the current is only a channel covering a small section of the beach. You should swim sideways, horizontal to the beach until you exit the current and then swim back to the beach.


Occasionally, you may notice a light stinging sensation in the water. It is a quick sting that fades so quickly you are not even sure it happened. There are two causes. There may be stingers floating in the water that have fallen from jellyfish further out at sea and washed into shore. The other cause is sea mites; tiny sea creatures that bite if they come into contact with your skin. In both cases, the sting is harmless to most people but a few may get an allergic reaction.


Most of Phuket’s beaches are ringed with trees. There are several species but the two most common are palms, corkscrew ‘palms’ and casuarinas.

There are several varieties of palm tree. The most common is the iconic image of many tropical beaches – the coconut palm. You will see them everywhere on Phuket, with tempting bunches of coconuts clumped under the wide, feathered leaves. The coconuts are not easy to get at (in fact trained monkeys often do the hard work) and they taste much better chilled, or with ice. There will usually be a local food vendor selling them for 10 to 20 baht each.

This may seem like unlikely advice, but don’t sit under coconut trees – a surprising number of people are injured or killed by falling coconuts. In fact every year worldwide, the number of people killed by falling coconuts is significantly higher than the number killed by shark attacks.

The corkscrew palm is a common sight along the beaches of Phuket. There are magnificent rows of them on many parts of the island. Actually, the screw palm isn’t technically a palm at all, even though it looks rather like one. Its official name is the pandanus. The leaves arrange themselves in a spiral, screw-like manner, leaving a corkscrew effect in the trunks as they drop off. The roots are a little bizarre. Rather than starting underground like most plants, the pandanus shoots out ‘prop roots’ a foot or two up the stem, above the ground at an angle.

Casuarinas are a common sight on many of Phuket’s beaches. This is a species similar to fir trees, which thrives in sandy soil near beaches. They have clusters of needle shaped leaves and drop small burs onto the ground. They grow to great heights and provide good shelter from the sun’s rays.

Beach details

You can find details of the individual beaches of Phuket here: the busy western beaches, the strips of beaches in the north-west, and the idyllic beaches in the south.

You’re almost spoilt for choice for beaches in Phuket. Whichever Phuket Beach you choose, have fun!

Something New Has Arrived To Phuket-01


Capture6A brand new activity has just opened up in Phuket Island in the south of Thailand, and it’s called Phuket Games Zone.

Located in a very quiet, peaceful and green park of Phuket Island, Phuket Games Zone currently has 3 very unique, and very fun activities for adults and children alike; a large 18 hole football golf course, a challenging 9 hole disc golf/Frisbee golf course, and body zorbing!

Located in Chalong, very near to Phuket Zoo (on the same street). Follow signs to Phuket Zoo, and when you reach the zoo continue on for another 500m, then turn left, and Phuket Games Zone is 300m on the left side. You should see the road sign.

Football Golf at Phuket Games Zone

The Phuket Games Zone football golf course is the biggest and best football golf course in Phuket. It offers 18 holes, multiple challenges, 2 prizes and no limits to the amount of fun you can have. The course has larger and challenging bunkers, chip shot zones, and a lot more plus of course the 19th hole (at the clubhouse) where you can cool down with a chilled drink under the shade.

If you’ve never played football golf before then don’t worry. It’s easy. It’s just like normal golf but instead of using a golf ball and club, you use a football and your foot! Simply aim like you would in normal golf, and then kick! There are 18 holes and it’s great fun completing the course.

There’s no need to worry about which club you’re going to use, handicaps or wind speed, you just relax and have a good laugh with your mates. It’s great for any age and any ability.

Frisbee Golf at Phuket Games Zone

The Phuket Games zone Frisbee golf course is the only Frisbee golf/disc golf course in Phuket (and probably the south of Thailand). Here you can have a relaxing game of skill and cunning for those who understand that the best sports are those you can play with a drink in your hand!

It’s easy to play, simply compete to see who can get their Frisbee/disc into the basket with the least number of throws. Phuket Games Zone provided the discs: a putter (much like a normal Frisbee) which flies slowly and short distances but is very accurate, a mid-range disc which is a little more aerodynamic than the putter, and a driver which has a much sharper edge and can fly long distances. You choose the right disc for the shot, just like you could choose a club in normal golf.

Phuket Games Zone has also devised some variations to play, such as:

Blindfolded Pairs: This is good fun for groups of 4 or more. For this, players need to get into pairs, giving yourself a fun team name, and the blindfolded player is guided by their seeing partner. For putting, the seeing partner rattles the chains of the basket to help them aim the Frisbee into the basket. You can decide the prize, for example the loser pay for everyone’s round!

The 5-Minute Frisbee Feat: A normal round of 9-Hole Frisbee golf will take between 30 – 45 minutes, but if you think that you are skilful and fast enough, then you could try the ‘5 Minute Frisbee Feat’. As the name suggests, you need to complete the course in under 5 minutes, and if you can then you’ll win 2 free drinks and an unlimited day pass to Phuket Games Zone. It’s doable, but you have to be fit to try. I ran out of steam half way through!

Body Zorbing at Phuket Games Zone

If you’re wondering what Body Zorbing is then don’t worry, it’s nothing kinky! Best thing to do is search on Google and you’ll see what body zorbing is all about. In brief, a body zorb is an inflatable ball around 1.5m in diameter, that you half climb into so that you body and head are protected, and your legs are sticking out so that you can run around.

It’s like a protective shell, meaning that you can barge and bump into your friends, fall onto the floor and do somersaults without getting hurt. This activity will definitely bring the kid out of you, another great bit of fun and also the only place in Phuket currently offering this activity.

Typically, the people at Phuket Games Zone have conjured up another fun game to play with body zorbing, which is body zorbing sumo, or as they like to call it – Zorbo!

Zorbo is very much like sumo but the players are of course wearing the protective body zorb ball. You have to get your opponent on the floor or out of the ring to win. Do you have the balance, strength and skill to beat your friends?

The Clubhouse

The clubhouse, or 19th hole, is a large open air seating area with dart board and drinks and refreshments, and great service. A number of free activities are on offer, including power kite flying, petanque bowls, and darts.

If you’re on holiday and fancy a drinking challenge, then Phuket Games Zones has plenty of ideas for drinking games on offer!

Snacks are available, but for a proper meal you can try one of the many seaside restaurants all within a few hundred meters walk, which offer excellent quality Thai food and seafood.

Phuket Games Zone is located on Soi Palai, Chaofa (East) Road, Chalong. It is very near to Phuket Zoo, on the same street. Drive past Phuket Zoo around 500m, and then make a left turn, another 300m on the left. They have a large street sign so you should be able to find them.

Alternatively you can contact Phuket Games Zone on the following numbers:

English: (091) 010 5488

Thai: (085) 150 6226

The rates are quite reasonable:

Football Golf: 500 Baht first round, 300 Baht per consecutive round
Frisbee Golf/disc golf: 300 Baht first round, 200 Baht per consecutive round
Body Zorbing: 300 Baht for 15 minutes, 200 Baht for each additional 15 minutes
Phuket Games Zone also organises birthday parties, staff outings and corporate events, with balloons, trophies and snacks if required. You can call them for more details.

Writers Opinion: The setting is very rural, quiet and away from hustle and bustle. The prices are very reasonable (especially compared to some other events in Phuket which cost an arm and a leg!), and you’ll leave with a smile feeling like you just got good value for money. The games are quite addictive, but for permanent residents of Phuket discounts are available, including season tickets – just ask the staff.

Travel Information For Phuket Island

Phuket is a great place for a holiday, but as with any destination, it pays to have an idea about the place before you visit. With a little bit of research, you’ll be able to save money and have the best time possible. There’s no need to make notes, but when it comes to travel information for Phuket, it’s best to try and digest as much as you can.

The unit of currency in Phuket is the Thai baht. Travelers checks can be cashed on the island and there are a large number of ATMs that accept international cards. It’s also possible to use a credit card to withdraw money from an ATM, although you’ll likely incur a charge for doing so. There are money changers in all of the island’s most popular destinations (Patong, Phuket City, Kata-Karon and so on), but be careful that you don’t get stung by a hefty commission.

In general, most people in Phuket speak at least a little English, especially people who will be trying to sell you stuff. If you get lost, try and find someone younger to ask for directions. Asking an old person might lead to a few confusing exchanges.

Getting around the island is easy enough, but it can be expensive. Taxis will take you from the airport to your hotel, but it’s against the law for them to pick up on the street. Tuk-tuks are everywhere, but the fares are expensive. You’ll need to negotiate a price, but even then you will still be paying over the odds. However, if you’re stranded at night, you may have no other choice.

During the day, there are buses running between the major parts of the island. The fares are usually 20 baht. Motorcycle taxis will take you short distances for about 40 baht. If you are confident on a motorbike, there are numerous places that rent them out for about 200 baht a day.

Staying in touch with friends on the island can be expensive using foreign SIM cards. It works out a lot cheap to just walk into any branch of 7-Elevent and buy a new SIM card for less than 200 baht. They can cost as little as 50 baht from phone sellers. Credit can also be bought from 7-Eleven stores.

If you’re buying something from a street seller, unless it’s DVDs or CDs, it’s best to do a little haggling, especially for clothes. Though some tourists may try, you can’t haggle at legit shops in the malls, although you may be able to get a deal from some of the indoor market stalls.

A trip to Phuket needn’t be a hassle with a little local knowledge.

You can find the author of this Phuket article over at the website Phuket Vogue, which has a wealth of Phuket travel information, including details of everything from Phuket weather to the nightlife on the island.